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You can’t see the future but you can plan for it.

The 3 Key Life Changing Events You Need Cover For


Keep paying the bills if disability strikes.

Disability, whether temporary or permanent, brings with it a whole new set of challenges. Prosthesis, wheelchairs, ramps, car adaptations are all costly, to say nothing of rehabilitation treatments, potential career changes and more.

Dread Disease

Stay financially secure in the event of serious illness.

Healthy living is no guarantee against serious illness. Keep on paying the bills while in treatment and recovery. Ensure that your family are taken care of even if illness causes that you can not earn an income.


Ensure your loved ones will be financially secure when you die.

The age old inherent desire of mankind to provide and protect loved ones remains unchanged. Make sure that in the event of your death, your Life Cover will help to protect your loved ones from financial devastation.

“How is Life Insurance Going to Help Me?”

Income Continuation

When your income stops, your ability to pay your bills won’t.

Make sure you can continue to maintain you and your loved one’s standard of living and fulfil your financial responsibilities even when you are not able to generate your income as usual.

Lump Sum Payout

Gives you the ability to shoulder sudden unexpected expenses.

When adverse life changing events happen it typically goes hand in hand with significant unforeseen financial expenses. A lump sum payout can provide financial shelter in a storm.

Education Protector

Your child’s education continues in spite of personal tragedy.

Education, income potential and quality of life go hand in hand. The Education Protector provides for your child’s education in the event that you are no longer capable.

”Yes, that makes good sense.”

Why Choose Discovery?

SA’s #1 Life Insurer

When you need expert services, you go to the experts.

Covering more than 5.1 million South Africans, with claims paid out in 2015 totalling R2.8 billion, Discovery is SA’s number one Life Insurer. Their widespread experience shows in the unrivalled comprehensiveness and flexibility of their products.

Rewards Focussed

First and most established Rewards Program in South Africa.

Earn your Vitality Rewards and get back up to 60% of your life premiums every 5 years. Or get up to 40% of your premiums as PayBack every year. Rewards also includes opportunities like Vitalitydrive Integrator, which knocks off 10% on Discovery Life premiums.

Efficient Claims Process

Quick, efficient and professional claims process.

In the event of a claim the last thing you or your loved ones need is a troublesome claims process. Discovery understands this and goes to great lengths to ensure efficient, streamlined and hassle free claims handling.


Insurance is not one-size-fits-all.

Because Discovery understands that life happens at different stages for all of us, the Discovery Life product has been developed to be flexible enough to ensure that your policy is structured for your individual requirements, no matter what stage of life you find yourself in.

Competitively Priced

And not only with joining- or administration fees.

Thanks to Discovery’s ground breaking approach which continuously rewards healthy living choices, they are consistently giving back to their members. This figure runs up to R1.2 billion in premium discounts yearly, not counting R600 million in PayBack benefits.

Hassle Free Onboarding

Get your policy from the comfort of your home or office.

A life insurance professional will discuss your personal life insurance needs and tailor a solution for you. To make the process even more hassle free, any medical assessments will be done at either your office or home – whichever is more convenient for you.

You’re Thinking: But do I really need this now?

I am a 25 year old woman, my career is starting to take off and I have just bought my first property. I still find time to hang out with friends, working hard during the week and living for the weekend.

In 2015 50% of all Discovery claims by people younger than 30 involved motor vehicle accidents. Couple this statistic with the fact that motor related claims remain one of the highest causes of death in SA, and it’s a sobering reminder that death can happen to anyone, at any age. At this stage of life however, especially when you’re securing home loans or vehicle financing, life insurance is especially important. Be responsible and ensure that you loved ones can settle those debts in the event that anything tragic should happen to you.

I am a 38 year old family man with a wife and two daughters, age 4 and 2 years. I hold a demanding, high-powered job but still manage to live a fun and active lifestyle with my family.

Discovery’s claim statistics that 38% of Income Continuation Benefit claims were from clients aged between 31 and 40. Should the unexpected render you unable to work you need a plan. Income Continuation Benefits will pay 100% of your monthly income until retirement in the case of permanent disability. Working hard and being in two places at once is not the only way to take care of your loved ones. The responsible thing to do is to plan for a rainy day while the sun is shining. Bring your family under the Discovery umbrella.

If you’re a 50 year old man, you’ve probably settled into a comfortable rhythm of work and home-life. The kids are off at varsity and your bonsai collection is thriving.

It seems like everything is going well… until it isn’t. Cancer, heart and artery related illnesses made up 59% of all claims for people over the age of 50 in 2015. Men are particularly susceptible to recurring dread diseases like prostate, skin and gastro-intestinal type cancers at this stage of life. Discovery’s Severe Illness Benefit will pay out a lump sum amount to ensure you can get treatment as soon as possible. In addition, unlike many similar products, it will also cover multiple additional claims for related as well as unrelated events.

Make Sure You’ve Got Cover… Before You Need It

Why Use IHS to Get Your Life Cover?


Tap into our experience and make informed life insurance choices.

With over 20 years of experience selling the products of Discovery and other leading life insurers, the IHS team have witnessed just about every twist in the tale of life. Our team is committed to lifelong learning, ensuring that we are informed on the latest changes and adjustments to insurance policies and legislation. Use our experience to guide your choice of cover at every stage of life.


Personalised service at no extra cost is our key to success.

We dislike being treated like a number and we loath service companies that simply push products. Instead we focus on building lasting relationships, the kind that helps us stay in touch with our clients’ needs and which ensures we can advise and adapt your life insurance to manage life’s risks and assist with empathy and professionalism if a life changing event happens and it’s time to claim.


Professional unbiased advice tailored to your personal needs.

Yes, an independent broker is in a better position to give truly unbiased recommendations, and that’s important because you need to know that you’ve got the best possible cover in the market for your specific scenario. It also ensures we are accountable directly to our clients. In other words, the buck stops here and there is no hiding behind big brand names. This keeps us on our toes and 100% committed to our customers.

Client Feedback

I have been in the service of Brian for well over a decade, if not close to two. His level of service has always been and I believe will always continue to be, of THE TOP DRAW. His accessibility to my family and my financial planning needs extend from Medical Aid, Short Term and Life Insurance. Whenever there is a new product on the market, Brian will advise me of this as well as how it suits my overall portfolio. If he believes that a product does not fit the bill, he will let me know.

When I went through a period of financial stress, Brian restructured my portfolio in such a way as not to lose my long terms benefits and still allow me to keep my head above the water.

I recommend Brian to whomever I know is looking for this niche service. I have never had a bad report back from these referrals, quite on the contrary, I have been thanked for the introduction.

A man’s level of success ca be measured in terms of his long standing client base, I believe Brian is successful in this regard. Brian has gone beyond the call of duty with his business relationship with me and my referral base, and on top of that, Brian’s work in the greater community exemplifies his commitment to the welfare of not only his clients, but of that of the community.

David Wright

Now is the Time to Get Life Insurance