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Discovery Life & Vitality Linked Life Insurance

Why choose Discovery Life? Is it because it is one of the most respected, not to mention financially sound, life insurance schemes in South Africa? Or is it because you can access benefits such as Discovery Vitality through your life insurance right from day one? The truth is a Discovery Life Insurance Plan does all of these things and so much more! Just take a look below and see for yourself!

The Benefits of Discovery Life

Flexible Options

  • Discovery Life gives you access to your life insurance cover in times of need and benefits change according to your needs

Financially Safe

  • A Discovery Life Plan offers global protection and guarantees claim objectivity as well as the option to increase your cover without underwriting

Quick to Payout

  • All Discovery claims are paid quickly and fairly, including multiple claims made at one time

The “Go To” Life Insurance for Thousands of South Africans

The best life insurance plans need to safeguard you and your family against the financial and emotional impact of risks that you may face both during your lifetime and after it. It needs to provide for your family at times when you are not able to from the day you first invest in it.

This is why Discovery has structured its Life Insurance Plans to be relevant and personalised to your risk portfolio and why it offers benefits that best suit YOUR needs. It is also why Discovery is now the “go to” life insurance for a vast majority of South Africans across the country.