Discovery Investment and Retirement Plans

Discovery Investment and Retirement Plans

Whether you are putting away something for a rainy day, that dream holiday or your children’s university fund, in today’s economy that can be a daunting task. The same goes for making provision for your retirement, especially with people living much longer fuller lives. Discovery’s expertly structured retirement and investment products provides the perfect vehicle for you to ensure that you can plan for these events, while resting assured that your money is growing in the hands of a trusted, well-established financial institution such as Discovery.

Discovery Retirement Optimiser(DRO)

The DRO is the most cost effective Retirement Annuity in the market, offering up to 100% saving in your monthly investment fees and enhancing your retirement income by up to 60%. By combining a Discovery Life policy with a DRO you can now insure your retirement.

Retirement Products

Does your current investment company offer you up to an additional 15% to be allocated to your accumulated retirement savings? Discovery offers clients who move their accumulated Retirement Annuity and Preserver funds up to an extra 15% to be invested for retirement.

When you are already drawing an income from your annuity your greatest concerns are:

  1. Is my income sufficient?
  2. Will I outlive my savings OR will my savings outlive me?

Discovery addresses both these questions by paying up to an additional 50% on your monthly annuity for the first ten years that you invest with Discovery.

Discretionary Investments

When making decisions to save for your children’s university or that dream holiday to Disney World or celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary, Discovery can offer a wide range of investment vehicles that are both cost and tax effective investment options.
A few unique features are:

  • Discovery offers the only monthly Offshore Investment in the SA market: invest in Dollars on monthly basis for as little as $200pm directly offshore.
  • Monthly Endowments receive up to 100% discount on all related monthly investment charges.
  • Lump Sum Endowments receive either up to an additional 26% allocated into the investment, or up to 100% discount on all related monthly investment charges.
  • Discovery Tax Free Investments offer the widest fund range in the market with a low cost structure.
  • Discovery offers very competitive lump sum charges on its Flexible Investment range, and in some instances you can have a 0% platform fee.

The time to start saving for the future or make provision for your retirement, is now. Contact us today to speak to an expert to discuss your investment and financial retirement needs.