Risks Covered

Risks Covered by a Discovery Life Plan

The Discovery Life Plan that we at IHS promote is made up of seven main benefits. These are referred to as “mainstay benefits” and include:

The Life Fund

  • This is the actual life insurance cover benefit and covers loss of life.

The Capital Disability Benefit

  • This is your lump sum benefit that covers disabilities that might be incurred over the course of a lifetime.

The Income Continuation Benefit

  • This fund is used to cover you if you cannot generate an income?

The Severe Illness Benefit

  • This benefit covers you against a list of chronic illnesses such as cancer. Contact us for a full list of illnesses and diseases covered by this benefit.

The Global Education Protector

  • This benefit covers your kid’s education costs if you suffer a life changing event such as death, disability or even critical illness.

Additional Optional Risk Cover

There are also a few additional risk cover options that can be included in your Discovery Life Plan. These are:

The Health Plan Protector

  • This pays all of your medical aid premiums for up to ten years if you suffer a life changing event such as that mentioned above.

Global Health Protector

  • This provides you with access to some of the most advanced US (United States) healthcare providers.

Supplementary Cancer Protector

  • This provides you with an income if you are diagnosed with any type of cancer and cannot work.

Philanthropy Fund

  • This allows you to make a contribution to up to 10  charities of your choice on death.