Vitality through IHS offers a host of wellness benefits

Whether you’re covered by Discovery Life, Discovery Health or both, The Vitality Wellness Network helps improve your wellness through an ingenious combination of incentives. As you improve your Vitality status through health checks and good living you gain access to ever more benefits as the risks to your health diminish.

Your Vitality status goes up the more you learn about your health and take steps to improve it through easy, straightforward tasks. You’ll get all the tools you need to accomplish these tasks and maximise your quality of life with different checks, assessments and benefits that grow your status and entitle you to benefits like:

Huge savings on Gym memberships

  • Often with affordable once-off fees. Earn Vitality points every time you attend Virgin Active, Planet Fitness, Run/Walk for Life, Curves or SA-Active.

Vitality Health screenings

  • Including blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, serious disease and weight checks, pap smears, mammograms, prostate checks, glaucoma screenings, HIV tests and more.

Vitality Nutrition Assessment

  • Get your eating habits assessed, your weight checked and your vital measurements taken – in line with your medical status and lifestyle factors like diet and physical activity.

Vitality Fitness Assessment

  • Take essential tests and get valuable feedback on fitness and health, along with a comprehensive fitness report and exercise programme.

Vitality’s online Nutrition Centre

  • Analyse your eating habits and create an online meal plan to suit your lifestyle.

Vitality’s online Personal Health Review

  • Assess the risks to your health with this interactive Web based tool.

Vitality’s online stress centre

  • Check how life’s pressures affect you with assessments on stress, personality, burnout, anxiety and depression.

Babies and Children

  • Expert advice and support for new and expectant moms, along with valuable savings on car seats, prams, nappies and other baby items. Children get great rewards like free movies and discounts on top brands for completing healthy activities.

Lose weight

  • Join Weight Watchers or Weigh-Less for 30% less than standard rates and earn more Vitality points by reaching your goal weight.

Become smoke-free

  • Earn Vitality points by declaring your non-smoker status. Get help to kick the habit by joining Smokenders or Allen Carr’s Easyway for a discount of up to 80%.

Don’t forget, you’ll also save up to 75% on over 10,000 healthy food products at Pick n Pay just by activating your HealthyFoodTM benefit with a Personal Health Review.

Vitality is the key to better health. And better health brings more Vitality benefits. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to use Vitality and grow your status. From Blue status, all the way through to Diamond, IHS will help you get the most from Vitality. We’ll give you guidance on how to improve your status and access huge savings with health partners and lifestyle benefits like movies , travel, shopping and much more.

Now you can get Vitality with Discovery Life too

Why not talk to us today about accessing Vitality through Discovery Life? We’ll help you more than cover the cost of an integrated Discovery Life policy so you’ll enjoy more Vitality benefits