Vitality brings healthier, cheaper eating With Pick n Pay

With Vitality you can save up to 25% off all your healthy food purchases at Pick n Pay. Eating well can often prove expensive when you choose premium healthy products. But with Vitality you get great savings on all kinds of foods to improve your health, whether you are a member of Discovery Health , Discovery Life or both. By linking purchasing with your Discovery Credit Card and depending on your Vitality status you can receive up to 10 times as many miles each month.

Vitality with Discovery Life

As a Discovery Life member you start saving right away with 10% off your healthy food purchases. Then, by taking a simple Health Risk Assessment, you instantly graduate to the full 25% discount.

What kinds of food are included?

You save on more than just basic products with Vitality at Pick n Pay. Your discount applies to a huge range of over 10,000 products that Vitality has identified to help enhance your wellbeing and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. All manner of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and good fats are included, so you can enjoy almost unlimited variety, for less.

Access Vitality through Discovery Health AND Discovery Life

Discover more about Vitality and the benefits of Discovery Health and Discovery Life cover. Just provide a few details and we’ll show you how to get started with Vitality now!.

View the table below for a more comprehensive list of food types that form part of the Vitality Pick n Pay HealthyFood™ programme.

Fruit Frozen Strawberries Raisins, Organic Medium Noodles Weigh-Less High Fibre Bran Strawberry Yoghurt
Amar Dates Fruit Cocktail Redcurrants Noodles Wheat Free UHT Milk
Apple Rings Fruit Mix Seeded Nutty Wheat Dumpy Bread Wheat Free Rye Yoghurt
Apple Roll Fruit Roll Seedless Raisins Oats Wheat Germ Soya
Apricot Halves Fruit Roll Guava Soft Apricots Organic Couscous Wheat Loaf Baked Beans
Apricots Fruit Roll Peach Soft Pitted Dates Organic Pasta White Rice Black Lentils
Assorted Berries Genoa Figs Soft Pitted Prunes Parboiled Rice Whole Grain Brown Lentils
Black Cherries Golden Delicious Apples Strawberry Penne Rigate Whole Wheat Brown Bread Kidney Beans
Blackberries Granadilla Roll Sultanas Penne Zitoni Wholegrain Lentils
Blackcurrants Grapefruit Turkish Apricots Popcorn Wholegrain Sliced Bread Soya Beans
Blueberries Guava Halves Weigh-Less Pear Halves Pronutro Wholewheat Soya Milk
Cape Gooseberries Guava Roll Weigh-Less Pineapple Pieces Pumpernickel Rye Sliced Wide Noodles Split Peas
Cherries Hanepoot Raisins Carbohydrate-rich foods Raisin Health Bread Protein-rich foods Sugar Beans
Cranberries Mandarin Oranges All Bran Flakes Ravioli Boneless Chicken Breast Fats & Oils
Cranberry Slices Mango Barley Flakes Rice Breast Fillets Cold Pressed Olive Oil
Currants Mango Slices Basmati Rice Rolled Oats Chicken Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Datal Raisins Mango Strips Braai Wholewheat Rolls Rye Bagels Chicken Breasts Olive Oil
Dates Medjool Dates Bran Flakes Rye Baguette Chicken Mince Olive Oil Spray
Desert Dates Nectarine Roll Bread Rye Bread Chicken Thighs Vegetable oils
Dried Banana Nectarines Breakfast Rye Bread Rolls Drumsticks Nuts & Seeds
Dried Cling Peaches Organic Dried Pineapple Broetchen Rye Loaf Eggs Almonds
Dried Cranberries Papaya Diced Brown Rice Rye Roll Fish Caraway Seeds
Dried Figs Papaya Slices California Sour Rye Rye Sliced Hake Cashew Nuts
Dried Fruit Paw Paw Couscous Samp Salmon Diced Almonds
Dried Mango Peach Halves Digestive Bran Seed Bread Sardines Flaked Almonds
Dried Mangoes Peach Slices Fettuccine Seed breads Snoek Ground Almonds
Dried Papino Peaches Fibre Cereal Seed Loaf Trout Hazelnuts
Dried Pineapple Peaches Peeled GI Seed Bread Seed Roll Yellowtail Linseeds
Dried Prunes Pear Halves Gluten Free Seeded Bagel Dairy Macadamia Nuts
Dried Sharon Fruit Pear Roll Granary Bread Seeded Loaf Bulgarian Yoghurt Peanuts
Dry Figs Peeled Peaches Lasagne Semolina Cottage Cheese Pistachio Nuts
Dry Majul Dates Pie Apple Segments Lasagne Sheets Shredded Wheat Fat Free Milk Poppy Seeds
Dry Plums Pineapple Linguine Sliced Linseed Fresh Milk Pumpkin Seeds
Dry Raisins Pineapple Diced Linseed Bread Spaghetti Hi-Calcium Milk Roasted Cashew Nuts
Fig Roll Pineapple Rings Long Grain Rice Sunseed Bread Long Life Milk Sesame Seeds
Figs Pitted Dates Low GI Bread Sushi Rice Long Life Skim Milk Sunflower Seeds
Frozen Cranberries PnP Banana Fingers Low GI Loaf Tagliatelle Milk Powder Walnuts
Frozen Gooseberries Prunes Low GI Multiseed Bread Tagliolini Milk Sachet
Frozen Mixed Berries Raisins Macaroni Thai Rice Salad Yoghurt