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Making Vitality REALLY work for you

So you know how Vitality brings great lifestyle benefits like free gym membership, free movies, bargain shopping and more. But you’ll want to make sure it works for you in as many aspects of your life as possible. Right?

The key to making Vitality work best lies in growing your status. Although you get some very valuable benefits on joining, Vitality really comes into its own as you progress up the status chain, by completing health related tasks and assessments. Many of these assessments are free and available online. They all help grow your Vitality status by helping you learn about, and improve, your overall health.

Vitality May Be Easier Than You Think

Growing your status needn’t mean a gruelling new fitness regime or unpleasant diet – far from it. Vitality is very much about health awareness. And that’s where we can help you improve your status all the way from Blue to Bronze, Silver and then Gold: by showing you where to earn Vitality points and make them work for you.

When you are first accepted onto Vitality, at Blue status, you’ll be eligible for certain benefits and savings. The first job is to maximise these as quickly and easily as possible. For example, starting with your HealthyFoodsTM benefit, we’ll advise you which tasks you need to complete to move from a 10% discount at Pick n Pay to the full 25% saving, with money refunded to you each month. Your growing status will also bring better savings on all kinds of products as well as helping you access reduced rates on Discovery Health and Life cover.

Help With Integrating Your Vitality Membership

If you have more than one Discovery product we’ll help you integrate them effectively so you reap even more benefits from the programme. For instance, if you are on Discovery Health and have a DiscoveryCardTM you can escalate your Discovery Card Miles b up to 10 times at Pick n Pay, Clicks, Dis Chem, Total Sports, Sportsmans Warehouse and BP. This is huge! With so many advantages available from all the Discovery offerings it can be a bit complex at first. But we’re experts at making it work and you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

It’s All About Getting To Gold

As we show you how to grow your Vitality status you’ll become more health aware and enjoy greater and greater benefits, all the way to Gold status. Once you’ve been on Gold status for three years you’ll automatically qualify as a Diamond status member and be eligible for full Vitality benefits.

Helping you get to Gold status is just part of the service we offer all our clients at IHS. After all, we want you to get the best from your Vitality membership. It also helps you access more from your Discovery membership as your risk profile diminishes. Of course that also means you have a better chance of enjoying better health and living longer. So perhaps Vitality’s biggest benefit is peace of mind that you can enjoy more years of life!

Let The Vitality Experts Show You How

Getting started on Vitality is easy when you’re member of Discovery Life or Discovery Health. Just ask us how you can be accepted into the world of Discovery and get Vitality now.